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RTS classics emulated on N900

RTS classics emulated on N900

It looks as though the Nokia N900 could soon be the phone of choice for those seeking some retro gaming thrills, as a growing library of classic games are being ported to the Maemo 5-based smartphone.

Watch Duke Nukem 3D running on the N900 below

A community of coders has been working with the N900 since its release and a new video uploaded to YouTube shows classic strategy games Starcraft and Warcraft II working without fault on the flagship Nokia smartphone.

The two games made their mark on the industry in the mid to late 90s and their lore has been integrated into the seminal MMORPG title World of Warcraft, which is subscribed to by millions worldwide.

The modders who created the N900 emulation have integrated touchscreen controls in place of cursor-based commands and it is clear from the smoothness of the gameplay that many hours of work have gone into the mobile versions of these games.

Blizzard, the software firm behind the original games, has been very receptive to those looking to modify its software over the years, but an emulator that allows exact replicas of its games to be played on the N900 without any royalty payments could be looked upon rather less favourably.

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