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3 plans to offer HTC Desire

3 plans to offer HTC Desire

Every major mobile operator in the UK will be preparing to offer the HTC Desire when it arrives at some point in the spring of 2010, with 3 now confirming its support for the Android-based smartphone.

The HTC Desire is the HTC-branded version of the Google Nexus One smartphone that comes with a few key modifications. 3 and T-Mobile will have it in stock within the next month or so.

From April, most other UK networks will also be selling the Desire to their customers.

3's Sylvia Chind said: "[HTC] really understand what consumers want from the internet on their phone - a flexible and intuitive interface, coupled with a reliable 3G network that offers a strong and speedy connection."

3 is expected to couple the HTC desire with a £35 pay monthly deal, which will include unlimited mobile internet access, Skype calls and 750 inclusive minutes.

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