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Britons are text mad, study shows

Britons are text mad, study shows

Around 265 million SMS messages were sent every day in 2009, new figures from the Mobile Data Association (MDA) reveal.

Over the course of the year some 97 billion messages being sent in total, although the fact that only 600 million were multimedia picture messages shows that texting is still the dominant form of mobile communication.

4.5 million multimedia messages were sent on Christmas Day alone, which is triple the previous record set in 2008.

Texting is still on the rise, as in 2008 the total reached was 79 billion, whilst 2007 was relatively modest in comparison, with a meagre 57 billion texts sent.

The MDA's Stephen Reynolds commented: "These statistics show that even with new social media forms of messaging such as Twitter and Facebook, people are using SMS as a social messaging tool because of its simplicity and ubiquity."

Experts believe that the primary driver behind the rise in texting in 2009 was the wider availability of mobile contracts offering unlimited texts.

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