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  5. LG Mini GD880 touchscreen beauty surfaces

LG Mini GD880 touchscreen beauty surfaces

LG Mini GD880 touchscreen beauty surfaces

The LG Mini GD880 has arrived without fanfare and it cuts a handsome figure with its 3.2 inch touchscreen display, five megapixel camera and black on chrome finish.

LG also claims that with its 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, it is the lightest and slimmest smartphone of its type available today.

In addition to good looks, the hardware technical specifications of the Mini GD880 are impressive, with Wi-Fi, GPS and HSDPA for mobile internet access all present and correct.

The only downside to the Mini GD880 comes in the form of its software, which is based on the S-Class user interface (UI) created in-house at LG and featured on previous smartphones including the Arena and The BL40 Chocolate.

With LG offering Android-based smartphones, it seems that sticking with this clunky, much criticised software could hinder the saleability of the Mini GD880.

LG has revealed that the GD880 will be on sale from next month and if you are put off by the S-Class UI then you could always pick one up and hope that an enterprising modder makes a hack that enables Android.

LG is not the only manufacturer announcing new smartphones in the run up to the Mobile World Conference 2010, with Samsung promoting its mid-range Monte S5610.

With a three inch touchscreen and the same connectivity options of the Mini GD880, these two could be real competition for one another, although LG has the undeniably prettier smartphone.

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