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MWC 2010: Mobile data use to rocket

MWC 2010: Mobile data use to rocket

Mobile data usage is set to surge in the next five years, analysts at Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) predict.

NSN forecasts that by 2015 mobile data usage could hit 23 exabytes (23 billion gigabytes) yearly, which would be a ten thousand per cent increase on current levels.

In response, the company is calling for operators to speed up the improvements that are currently being made to their networks to ensure they are ready to deal with increased demand from growing smartphone use.

NSN's Rajeev Suri told delegates at the Mobile World Congress: "Traffic on smart devices is continuing to explode and the industry cannot afford to just keep piling capacity on capacity at the same costs."

He also warned that networks were at risk of condemning an entire generation to mobile internet frustration if they did not act fast.

Currently NSN is in the process of advancing its own networking technologies to offer operators the means to avert a data disaster.

Mr Suri said that NSN had been able to make 3GPP networking five times more efficient, resulting in a better experience for the average smartphone users and improving battery life in the process.

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