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Nokia N900 charger develops flaws

Nokia N900 charger develops flaws

Nokia N900 owners have been reporting difficulties charging their handsets, prompting the Finnish mobile phone giant to issue an admission of the problem.

The biggest problem for consumers appears to be that the charging issue is not covered by the basic warranty, according to a report from Mobile News.

The glitch results from the charger itself fitting a little too snugly into the N900. As a result, some customers have inadvertently yanked the whole of the N900's micro USB socket out of the phone when trying to disconnect it after charging is complete.

In a statement, Nokia said that its attention has been drawn to the fault, which it says is only suffered by a small minority of N900 owners.

Nokia is keen to emphasise that it takes seriously the issue of build quality across all of its mobile phones and that an investigation into the flaw is underway.

A Nokia spokesperson said: "Consumers who experience this issue should contact their local Nokia customer care.

"The same warranty applies to the Nokia N900 as with any other Nokia device. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

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