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Nokia N98 image appears

Nokia N98 image appears

Although Nokia is not likely to make much of a splash at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) this week, it looks as though it is hard at work on the next in the NSeries of smartphones after tech site BeGeek unearthed what appears to be a promotional mock-up of the as yet unannounced Nokia N98.

It had been suggested that Nokia could unleash the N98 at MWC 2010, but there has been no official confirmation as to whether Nokia will actually show up at the event.

The N98 is reported to have a four inch touchscreen display, a full QWERTY keypad and 32GB of internal storage, although by the time its rumoured December release date rolls around it would not be surprising to see 64GB of space available.

According to sources, the N98 will retail for around £400, which is around the same price as previous smartphones in the series.

The leaked image suggests that a lime green casing is going to be present, which will make the N98 the most radical looking NSeries phone for some time.

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