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HTC Incredible surfaces again

HTC Incredible surfaces again

More details and pictures of the upcoming HTC Incredible have appeared online, showing off its bold design and revealing a few tasty morsels of information about its hardware.

The forthcoming phone will allegedly sport the same Snapdragon processor and RAM allocation as the Google Nexus One, although the CPU is set to be underclocked from 1GHz to 768MHz, presumably to improve battery life and reduce the amount of heat that the handset generates.

The HTC Incredible will also have Android 2.1 onboard and as with the HTC Desire will feature HTC's own Sense user interface added on top.

Although the Incredible is plain black all over, removing the soft-to-the-touch battery cover reveals the shocking red of its internal parts.

It is odd for a smartphone manufacturer to mask its boldest design statement from the world, but because of this, it's actually strangely alluring.

The pictures and details appeared on the Android Forums with Android fanatics becoming hot under the collar with excitement.

The Incredible looks destined for the Verizon network in the US, as it is clearly shown bearing the firm's logo in the new shots.

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