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Nokia E72 purple edition spotted

Nokia E72 purple edition spotted

The Nokia E72 has so far appeared in silver, brown and black. Now a new version of the phone is set to arrive with a healthy purple glow.

Nokia showcased the purple E72 at its regional headquarters in Beirut, where a team of journalists got their hands on the smartphone.

Nokia has not gone completely mad with its handset respray, opting for a subdued tone of purple rather than a day-glo alternative, which could have proved off-putting to the handset's core market of business users.

According to Lebanese site NokiaLB, the purple edition of the E72 is not a promotional or limited run and will be made available on general release in Lebanon in the near future.

At the moment, it is not known whether Nokia will bring this phone to the UK, but purple smartphones have had success here in the past, so it would make sense.

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