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  5. Nokia N900 to get face recognition gaming

Nokia N900 to get face recognition gaming

Nokia N900 to get face recognition gaming

Nokia has showcased a video demonstrating software that allows the Nokia N900 to recognise faces and to detect their movement, translating it into onscreen actions for mobile gaming.

The Burger Face game is a taster for the kind of interactivity that is possible uses the Nokia N900's front-facing camera to register the location and movement of the user's face.

See Nokia's face detection gaming video in full below

Created by Johannes Kuhlmann, the game charges players with the aim of consuming virtual burgers which rain from the top of the screen while ducking out of the way of sharp blades.

Nokia's demo title is somewhat simplistic in its current form, but the clip does suggest that there could be a slew of new, more advanced N900 games which use face detection as an integral gameplay mechanic in the future.

Other games consoles and mobile phones have used face detection and movement recognition to let the user control games and apps. Sony Ericsson even based its Yari around the concept, although it was deemed to have been only partly successful.

Nokia announced the face detection gaming on an official blog post accompanied by a YouTube video.

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