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HTC Hero Android update imminent

HTC Hero Android update imminent

The popular HTC Hero might be getting its ageing Android 1.5 platform replaced with the latest version 2.1, according to freshly leaked documents found in the US.

US electronics retail chain Best Buy has had an internal memo published for all to see, with the implication being that an updated version of the Hero's firmware is destined for launch on the 7th of May.

In the US the HTC Hero goes under the Droid Eris brand name and is slightly less exotic-looking than the UK version, but the software under its skin is identical, so it makes sense that any US update will also be applicable over here.

A screen shot of the Best Buy document appeared on the XDA Developers Forum this week, containing the significant passage: "There have been some questions about this update. It is a firmware update. Due to changes made by HTC on Friday, the deployment was delayed until this week. The update will be in all stores by this Friday, May 7".

People who picked up the HTC Hero in 2009 and have since been looking jealously at the likes of the Legend and the Desire, both of which use Android 2.1, may not have long to wait until their smartphone can compete on a level playing field.

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