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Microsoft giving devs Windows Phone 7 mobiles

Microsoft giving devs Windows Phone 7 mobiles

Thousands of app developers will be receiving a Windows Phone 7 smartphone in the post in the run-up to the new Microsoft operating system release, according to the software giant itself.

Developers have already been able to work with Windows Phone 7 and trial software, but it required an emulator and they could only guess as to how their creations would perform on a real life smartphone running the platform.

Brandon Watson of Microsoft said: "We are still in the process of putting the final touches to each of our programs which will enable developers to get devices, so the only thing I can ask is to be patient.

"Orchestrating this sort of thing is quite challenging, but I can say this: we are putting devices in hands starting next month."

Developers of all sizes will be getting the first batch of Windows Phone 7 mobiles to test drive as part of the initiative, with minor and major players all being allowed access, according to Mr Watson.

"Eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case through Microsoft's Windows Phone and Developer Evangelist organisations. We'll provide more details about device sharing over the coming weeks," continued Mr Watson.

Microsoft will not be sending out mobiles that are ready for the consumer market, but rather pre-launch test phones which can give developers a rough idea as to what to expect from the platform in real world situations.

Microsoft looks to be on target for a Windows Phone 7 launch in the run up to Christmas 2010. Its manufacturing partners at HTC and LG will be bringing the first batch of smartphones based on the platform to international destinations around this time.

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