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Nokia X5 announced

Nokia X5 announced

The Nokia X5 smartphone has been formally unveiled, with an unusual square shape and a full QWERTY keypad housed beneath a sliding top half.

The phone will cost around £135 and is an ideal low-cost mobile for those who like to message and keep up to date with social networking sites.

Observers have pointed out that the X5 has much in common with the Microsoft Kin mobile which was demonstrated earlier in the year, even down to the shape and keypad arrangement.

The retail version of the X5 has a 2GB microSD memory card included in the box to beef up its somewhat meagre 200MB of onboard storage.

It also boasts a five megapixel camera on the rear and speakers which Nokia claims are significantly louder than many of its other entry-level mobiles.

Nokia has not as yet confirmed the markets in which the X5 will become available, although it is likely to see a European launch in the near future.

The Finnish manufacturer has also said that it is going to launch a cut down version of its X6 music phone which has less internal storage and a lower price point.

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