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3 releases new SIM-only package

3 releases new SIM-only package

3 has unveiled a new SIM only deal offering 1GB of data usage, 2000 anytime minutes, 5000 3-to-3 minutes and 5000 texts per month for a monthly charge of £25.

Dubbed 'The One', the tariff is also being bundled with smartphones for consumers who require a new mobile or fancy an upgrade.

For £40 per month, 3 is offering the iPhone 4, while the HTC Desire is available for £35, with the ageing HTC Hero a slightly cheaper choice at £34 monthly.

The One has caught the attention of the media because 3 has decided not to use the word 'unlimited' anywhere within its advertising.

This means that users get a clear cut idea as to just where their limits lie, even if they are far on the horizon, rather than using a clause-ridden unlimited deal that does not really live up to its title.

Kevin Russell, Chief Executive Officer of 3, said: "We're going to the heart of the contract market. It's important for us to go hard and go hard now. We're going head to head with the big boys."

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