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HTC Gold & Nokia E7 incoming

HTC Gold & Nokia E7 incoming

The HTC Gold and the Nokia E7 are set to arrive before the end of the year, according to the latest reports.

The Gold is rumoured to be arriving in November for UK users, although it had previously been suggested that Windows Phone 7, which the Gold will use, would first appear in October, with HTC as one of the frontrunners in its adoption.

Nokia's E7 is set to straddle the line between the N Series and E Series smartphones, bringing attractive multimedia features together with exemplary messaging functions, according to Omio, the site which published the news.

The E7 is supposedly going to have a tilting touchscreen interface mounted on a full QWERTY keypad, which some believe indicates that this is the smartphone previously dubbed the N9 during its development.

One Samsung smartphone is listed as launching in the autumn. The i8700 Cetus has rarely been seen or spoken of so far, but it will apparently sport the Bada platform and could become the next flagship smartphone for the South Korean manufacturer.

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