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  5. HTC Windows Phone 7 mobile snapped

HTC Windows Phone 7 mobile snapped

HTC Windows Phone 7 mobile snapped

Images showing Windows Phone 7 installed on a smartphone from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC have been published on the internet, along with details about its technical capabilities.

The leaked images, which surfaced courtesy of Engadget are allegedly of a HTC smartphone that has a 1GHz processor, a 3.7-inch touchscreen display and an eight megapixel camera all pulled together using Microsoft's as-yet-unreleased operating system.

Rumours suggest that the mobile could end up being called the HTC Spark and that it is apparently destined for launch in the US with network provider Verizon.

There is both HTC and Windows branding visible on the smartphone, but the interface seems to be the standard Microsoft version, rather than anything cooked up by HTC itself, so some believe that it is a developer prototype.

It has also been pointed out that the Taiwanese manufacturer seems to be using virtually identical hardware for its Windows Phone 7 mobiles as it does for its high end Android phones.

This will not only make it cheaper for the firm to pump out devices based on the different operating systems which it supports, but also means that users will be able to choose between two comparable phones with different operating systems onboard.

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