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Tinnitus caused by heavy mobile use

Tinnitus caused by heavy mobile use

If you use your mobile phone to make calls on a daily basis you could be more susceptible to the aural impairment tinnitus, according to a recent study.

Making calls for ten minutes each day will increase your risks of getting the condition by up to 70 per cent. This figure drops to 50 per cent for irregular users who hold the phone to both ears or have owned one for at least four years.

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal published the report in order to examine the reason for the rise in the occurrence of tinnitus.

Experts pinpoint the microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones as a source of the problem. Dr Hans-Peter Hutter compared two groups of people with healthy and tinnitus-damaged ears and concluded that tinnitus was far more common amongst people who frequently make mobile phone calls.

Five million people in the UK suffer from tinnitus and its effects result in a constant barrage of noise in the victim's ears which can include a sustained roaring or a ringing tone.

Tinnitus is typically caused by high volume noise or injury to the ears or head, but it can also be brought on by mental conditions including depression, or as a result of an illness.

Dr Hutter added: "Our results indicate that high intensity and long duration of mobile phone use might be associated with tinnitus.

"This possibility should be explored further by assessing mobile phone usage history in studies of tinnitus aetiology (cause) in the future."

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