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Nokia N9 details leaked?

Nokia N9 details leaked?

Speculation surrounding the Nokia N9 smartphone is building to a new pitch, after details of its hardware configuration leaked on a Chinese website.

The N9 will reportedly use a Qualcomm processor, which some have taken as an indication that the Finnish manufacturer's relationship with Intel, which is jointly working on the MeeGo platform, is not as strong as previously assumed.

The 1GHz processor is said to be combined with 512MB of RAM and a substantial 64GB of storage space, together with a separate microSD memory card slot if the on-board RAM is not quite enough for some users.

A four-inch Super AMOLED display will be the N9's portal onto MeeGo and the handset will have the latest Wi-Fi and HSPA connectivity for mobile internet access. HD video capture is also rumoured via the Chinese search engine Baidu.

Observers have suggested that this information is relatively reliable, because the codes for the leaked devices mirror the prototypes produced by Nokia.

However, until official word is given, it is always worth treating these details as a guideline to the final product rather than concrete specifications.

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