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  5. Vodafone update angers HTC Desire users

Vodafone update angers HTC Desire users

Vodafone update angers HTC Desire users

Vodafone has been hit with a barrage of complaints from its HTC Desire owners who received an update to their smartphones which did not contain any trace of Android 2.2.

Most Desire users are eagerly awaiting the latest version of Google's operating system and UK network providers are running tests to ensure that the update is compatible with their systems.

However, Vodafone customers feel that they were misled by an update to the phone's firmware, which apparently added compatibility with the Vodafone 360 services and little else.

The source of the irritation comes from the fact that Vodafone had failed to put a concrete deadline on the launch of Android 2.2 for its HTC Desire users, stating instead that they would make it available as soon as possible.

Because of this, many assumed that the update they downloaded earlier in the week would contain the anticipated software, only to be disappointed and take to forums to air their grievances.

Owners of HTC Desire smartphones linked to Vodafone's network will now be able to access the firm's in-house music and app download services, along with an alternative to the native web browser.

A Vodafone spokesperson told TechRadar: "We would like to reassure customers that the Froyo 2.2 update is on its way. When we announced the HTC Desire we said that the device would be pre-loaded with 360 services.

"Unfortunately, there was a delay in bringing these services to the Desire so that is what the latest over-the-air update brings."

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