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Nokia vs HTC: invasion of the press conferences

Nokia vs HTC: invasion of the press conferences

It seems one capital city is not big enough to host two simultaneous mobile phone expos, as Nokia and HTC have taken it upon themselves to do whatever it takes to rain on each other’s parade.

It started with Nokia dealing the preemptive first strike yesterday by sending a squad of street soldiers outside HTC’s venue carrying red balloons that bear the slogan “I know where I’m going with Nokia’s Ovi Maps”.

But HTC decided to burst Nokia’s bubbles by sending buses to the Nokia World to pick up journalists and bring them back to HTC’s lair.

Not to be outdone by HTC’s aggressive tactic, the comically genius folks at Nokia retaliated with a thoughtfully produced lunch box for the journos called the “HTC press conference survival kit”, which includes an “HTC sandwich” made of ham, tomato and cheese, and clearly “not the most exciting sandwich”, an energy bar “in case you need a boost”, a pen and pad "for doodling”, a giant foam finger with the Nokia logo “just to make sure your question gets answered” during Q&A, and perhaps the most insulting bit of the kit of all, ear plugs and an eye mask “in case you feel snoozy”.

We have to admit that we are quite enjoying this relatively light-hearted, soap opera style drama between these smartphone giants. Just as long as they keep it civil and funny, we have no qualms about it.

Nokia used its event to announce a slate of new handsets, including the new E7, C6 and C7 handsets as it rallies to fight back for the market share it lost to the advances of the iPhone and Android.

HTC also unveiled two handsets at its press call yesterday, the Desire HD and Desire Z, which follow in the success of the critically and commercially acclaimed Desire.

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