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Top 10 Royal Wedding apps, accessories and phones

Top 10 Royal Wedding apps, accessories and phones

So you’ve put the bunting up at home and brushed up on the Divine Right of Kings. And you’re starting the day with a very apt full English breakfast on your best china. That’s all great. But you’re not fully set for Wills and Kate’s nuptials until you’ve tricked out your phone for the Big Day, too. names the best apps, phones and accessories to add a techno sheen to the wedding of the year.

1 Royal Wedding phone

royal wedding phone

Encased in Union Jack livery, this special edition handset features Mendelson’s wedding march and Rule Britannia as ringtones, along with wallpapers of William and Kate and the date of the Big Day engraved on the back.

2 Royal Wedding Insider


Courtesy of BBC America, this gives you daily updates on all matters relating to the wedding from the Beeb, plus the option to plan your own take on the Big Day and share it with your friends. You also get etiquette tips and video messages from a-list well-wishers.

3 iPhone 4 cases

royal wedding cases

Perhaps the pick of the bunch when it comes to commemorative covers are Casemate’s selection for the iPhone 4. Choose from classic designs to the almost punky union jack and graphics number. At £29.99 they’re not cheap, but they’re robust enough to last until Prince Harry takes the plunge too.

4 London Calling phone

london calling large

Nothing says British grandeur like the red classic K6 telephone booths. The makers of the London Calling phone know this. And you know that if you choose this you’ll get a case that won’t be out of date come the day after the happy couple tie the knot.

5 The Royal Wedding by Hello

hello royal

The world’s biggest selling gossip mag’ app is a glossy affair, that packs in everything from a romance timeline, photos from Kate’s school days and a retrospective at the Windsor’s wedding.

6 Swarovski cases

royal swarovski

Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, the Samsung Galaxy and the HTC Wildfire, these crystal-studded bling-y cases come courtesy of Swarovski. The tax? A snip at £130.

7 Weakest Link Royal Edition

weakest link royal

As the popularity of the Queen and Anne Robinson’s dominatrix act attests, us Brits have got a thing about women telling us what to do. But let’s not get in to that.

This quiz app features posers about the wedding, along with the standard general knowledge questions. Thankfully, we’re spared a dose of am-dram antics from Robinson.

8 Swarovski mobile phone charm

charm 1

Swarovski’s crown-shaped charm adds a regal air to any phone.

9 Royal Wedding Tea Towel App

royal wedding tea towel app

Ignore the kitschy name and trumpet samples, this is one of the best Royal Wedding apps out there. If only because it offers blow by blow live coverage of the ceremony and of royal shindigs of the past.

10 Dress the Royals – Wedding Edition

dress the royals

We know Prince Harry’s a fan of dressing up. That Nazi get-up told us that much. But who knew the others were in to it too?

The pleasingly silly Dress the Royals app lets you see what Wills looks like in a wedding dress. And even add a moustache or beard to the Queen.

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