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Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley coming this week

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley coming this week

The first update to Rovio’s Hollywood Angry Birds spin-off, Rio, will be landing this week.

Beach Volley, which the name should make fairly obvious, takes place in the sandy (and sunny) coast of Brazil and features brand new levels festooned with volleyballs, beach umbrellas and monkeys - lots and lots of monkeys.

Levels also contain various new structures such as helicopters and ships to blow up, and plenty of new hard-to-reach items that unlock bonus levels. It’s not confirmed yet exactly how many levels in total will be included but we can expect no less than 15 to wreak havoc in.

Angry Birds Rio, in case you missed the memo, is the result of a collaboration between Rovio and 20th Century Fox which coincided with the release of the Fox’s animated flick Rio last month. While most movie tie-ins tend to be a little on the cheap side, Rovio did a pretty decent job at merging the two universes together and giving players a break from a perpetual slaughter of pigs.

Rovio’s title has already turned into a cultural phenomenon with celebrity endorsements and various toys and plushes already on the market. There’s also a rumour of a TV show in the works, plus a Hollywood animation to give the birds their own spotlight on the silver screen.

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