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  5. HTC casing hints at super slim Android phone

HTC casing hints at super slim Android phone

HTC casing hints at super slim Android phone

HTC could be prepping an ultra trim smartphone using innovative moulding technology, reports suggest.

According to component makers cited by the chaps at DigiTimes, HTC has recently ordered cases from Chenming Mold Industrial (CMI).

The company stands out for its work in developing NanoMolding Technology which results in cases that combine metal and plastic in a clever, lightweight alloy.

Although DigiTimes doesn’t specifically claim to have knowledge that the order is for NMT cases, it’s chosen to interpret the news as a sign that HTC will use the tech in a super trim handset form factor that will help its kit stand out amid the slew of rival smarties.

And there’s more upsides to all this, too. NMT cases are more hardwearing than those fashioned solely from plastic and would allow HTC to bypass pure metal parts in its casing that can cause antennagate-style reception problems.

So how soon might we expect this wonder phone to hit the market? Well, apparently mass production of the case is slated for July, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that it could be due before the year’s end.

Reports of HTC’s move comes after it came in for some criticism from tech watchers for delivering what were seen as somewhat underpowered smartphones earlier this year, while all around them rival handset makers were loading their kits with brawny dual core processors.



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