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Windows Mango phone unveiled by Fujitsu

Windows Mango phone unveiled by Fujitsu

Fujitsu has officially lifted the lid on the first-ever smartphone powered by Windows Mango (aka Windows 7.5), ahead of the anticipated release of a slew of devices running the OS in September.

Dubbed the IS12T (don’t let that meta-boring name put you off) and available in sober black or riotous pink and green shades, the phone first showed up in informal clips and sneaked snaps of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference earlier this month. However, we’ve now got a full feature set to go on – and it’s hard not be impressed.

fujitsu mango phone

From the top, the handset is home to an industry-leading 13.2-megapixel snapper, a whopping 32GB of internal memory, six-axis motion sensors for PS3-style gaming and 11 days (count 'em, that's 11 days) of standby time.

And of course like all phones running Mango, the dust and water-resistant IS12T showcases the revamped, now even more social networking-focussed tile-based interface that won plaudits from tech watchers.

Contrary to previous reports, the phone won’t be landing in August, but will drop in September in Japan. It’s not yet known if it’ll be grated a UK release. But given Fujitsu’s lack of profile in our domestic phone market, we wouldn’t advise holding your breath.

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