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HTC exec slams 'uncool' iPhone

HTC exec slams 'uncool' iPhone

iPhones just aren’t cool any more, according to a mover and shaker at HTC, as older punters continue to damage their appeal for young ‘uns.

Addressing a cadre of industry types at Seattle’s Mobile Future Forward expo, Martin Fichter, acting president at HTC’s US division, rubbished Apple kits’ cred on the grounds that too many geriatrics are now on board.

To illustrate his point, he claimed that among his college-age daughter’s peer group all but one do not own an iPhone because their "dad has an iPhone”.

He added: “If you look at a college campus, MacBook Airs are cool. iPhones are not that cool anymore. We here are using iPhones, but our kids don't find them that cool anymore.”

“[The students] were carrying HTCs. They were carrying Samsungs. They were even carrying some Chinese manufacturer’s devices.”

Ficther’s remarks come as HTC’s status as Android’s go-to brand has arguably been ceded to Samsung, whose Galaxy S2 is now most people’s pick as the best Android kit so far.

Far be it for us to say that his comments are a calculated attempt to curry favour with Fandroids. Or indeed to garner some column inches for the company. But if it’s the latter, he’s succeeded. After all, we’re writing about it, aren’t we?

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