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  5. Android Ice Cream Sandwich coming to HTC Sensation & XE early 2012

Android Ice Cream Sandwich coming to HTC Sensation & XE early 2012

Android Ice Cream Sandwich coming to HTC Sensation & XE early 2012

The burgeoning HTC Sensation range will be among the first of the phone-maker’s handsets to get an update to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), it has been confirmed.

HTC’s original Sensation, plus its Beats by Dre tech-toting Sensation XE and XL tablet-cum-smartphone variants, are in line for an upgrade to the latest version of the Android operating system from early 2012, according to an official statement issued over the weekend.

HTC Sensation

ICS promises to bring a host of new features to the handsets, taking in a novel screen unlock feature that harnesses face recognition technology and much slicker multi-tasking.

The announcement of an impending OS bump for HTC’s newest smartphone challengers comes amid confusion, and no little consternation, over its plans for older phones, such as the best-selling Desire and its sequels the Desire S and Desire HD.

Tellingly, HTC’s latest proclamation steadfastly refuses to commit to an ICS update for any of those kits and instead states only that it is “continuing to assess [its] product portfolio” for said phones' suitability for an upgrade. That’s a line that will be only too familiar to Desire phone owners who’ve been following developments thus far.

Back in October, a post on the company’s official Facebook page revealed that a key part of its criteria when making a decision would be whether the new version of Android could be ported to relatively old handsets without compromising the user experience they offer.

htc desire large

This would appear to rule out the original Desire, which almost certainly lacks the processing brawn and memory that ICS requires. And worryingly with the Desire S and Desire HD also somewhat underpowered in the chipset department, it’s likely that those smarties, both of which are barely more than a year old, could be frozen out of the update love too.

Even more ominous are the problems HTC encountered earlier this year when updating the original Desireto Gingerbread, caused by the resource-hungry Sense custom skin that features on all HTC phones.

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