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  5. Nokia Lumia 800 “flying off the shelves” and “easy to use”, claim retailers

Nokia Lumia 800 “flying off the shelves” and “easy to use”, claim retailers

Nokia Lumia 800 “flying off the shelves” and “easy to use”, claim retailers

Nokia’s debut Windows Phone effort, the Lumia 800, is shifting units at a brisk pace, despite analysts' reports that it hasn’t performed to expectations since launching in Blighty last month.

Testimonies uncovered by My Nokia Blog from employees of major retail and network partners on a site dedicated to increasing knowledge and awareness of the flagship kit revealed it is in fact doing very well, with success stories aplenty detailing how easy it has been to sell.

Ian McLaren of Carphone Warehouse posted: “The Lumia is flying off the shelves, especially from one who has really taken the training on board and pitching them to everyone.

"The main things that are selling the phone are the design, superb screen and the way the social networks are integrated into the phone OS so don’t need to keep switching apps and all the messages are compiled into one thread.”

Praise was also lavished upon the fact Lumia is cheaper on contract than many high-end phones of its category, with credit given to the handset’s ease of use and ability to instantly impress punters, even those who initially came to the store with intention of buying an iPhone 4S.

Joe Moody of Orange posted: “After having a customer come in for an iPhone 4S I asked her why she wanted one, she replied ‘they’re easy to use’. So I showed her my Nokia Lumia and how easy it works and she loved it that much that she brought one and because there such great value for money she was happy she saved £10 a month!”

Of course, not everyone gave the phone a glowing review. Some have had difficulty with the software for basic functions like erasing all contacts, while others said they weren’t that bowled over by the design. However, in general it would appear the Lumia 800 has been received rather well and has at least rekindled hope that Nokia may yet turn around its declining smartphone fortunes.

Are you as impressed by the Lumia 800 or feel it’s a bit of a let-down? Spill all in the comments section below.

Source: My Nokia Blog via SoMobile

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