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Android Jelly Bean pledged for 2012 LG phones

Android Jelly Bean pledged for 2012 LG phones

All high-end LG phones released this year will be updated to the next major version of Android, the phone-maker has promised.

According to Tech Radar, LG's UK Product Manager Shaun Musgrave has pledged that LG will be updating its 2012 Android kits as part of its commitment to “offering the best smartphone experience”.

lg optimus vu official

However, that’s not a cast-iron guarantee that no phone will be left behind. As the site reports, the 5.0 version of Android, purportedly codenamed Jelly Bean, will only be made available if “the phone can support it”.

LG’s announcement follows its recent showcase at the Mobile World Congress during which it lifted the lid on a slew of new handsets.

The pick of these were the lavishly specc’d Optimus 4X HD, Optimus Vu, L7 and a sequel to the Optimus 3D, all of which must be a dead cert for some OS upgrade love.

However, lower grade kits were also among LG's new product line-up, many of which may not have the brawn under the hood to support the as-yet-unconfirmed Jelly Bean iteration of Android.

A prime candidate would be the LG L5, whose relatively underpowered 800MHz processor means there's a good chance it will be left out in the cold.

lg optimus 4x hd

LG has reportedly already ruled out an update for another MWC debutant, the L3. The phone will remain on the ageing Gingerbread version of Android that it runs out of the box.

When exactly Google plans to overhaul Android is unclear right now. But rumours suggest the update could be along at some stage during Q2.


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