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  5. HTC One X MWC teaser hints at five-core processor

HTC One X MWC teaser hints at five-core processor

HTC One X MWC teaser hints at five-core processor

HTC could be about to raise the stakes in the smartphone processor race, a post on its Facebook page suggests.

A cryptic image posted today on the phone-maker’s official UK page shows a handset-shaped object cryptically emblazoned with the number ‘5’. Alongside it, there’s the equally enigmatic text warning that on Sunday we’ll “discover something fast”.

htc five core

So what to make of this? Well, we think the hints are a fairly solid indication that HTC will lift the lid on a phone with a Tegra3 five-core processor at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) tech expo at the weekend.

The Tegra3's five cores include four standard cores and a supplementary fifth one that handles background functions.

We're also prepared to go out on a limb and predict that the phone in question is likely to be the kit named in previous leaks as the HTC One X - a smartie that we had previously been led to believe would rock a standard quad-core processor.

While that kind of brawn is impressive, given that current-gen Android phones tote dual-core chipsets, the fact that HTC looks likely to opt for an even more powerful processor blows the field wide open. And really ups the ante for rivals in the so-called Core Wars.

Other features mooted to be on board the One X, formerly codenamed the HTC Edge, include a whopping 4.7-inch screen, Beats by Dre audio smarts, 32GB of internal storage and the latest Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android out of the box.



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