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Nokia Lumia 900 price cut in US

Nokia Lumia 900 price cut in US

Nokia has cut the price of the Lumia 900, a matter of months after the phone landed in a blaze of publicity.

Just three months after the phone dropped, our US cousins can now pick up the phone-maker’s flagship handset for $49.99 when they sign up to a two-year contract on AT&T. That’s half the upfront fee that applied previously.

Nokia Lumia 900 official

The move is being interpreted as a further sign that, despite a slew of favourable notices in the tech press the Lumia 900 has failed to set the charts alight.

According to analysis firm comScore, sales of the handset have reached just 330,000 to date, confirming how far the former market-leader has fallen in the face of more sought-after phones running Android and Apple’s iPhone.

The latest bout of bad news for the Finnish phone-maker comes after it recently announced a further 10,000 job cuts in the face of dwindling demand for its phones.

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