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iPad Mini stock shortages looming already

iPad Mini stock shortages looming already

Apple’s bid to take on Android in the budget/smaller tablet market could he hampered by supply shortages of the iPad Mini, analysts have forecast.

Showcased yesterday after months of anticipation, the iPad Mini’s keen £269 entry-level price point means it’s well placed to steal sales from the Android-powered Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire. Until now, these have had the lower-end market to themselves.

However, Apple’s hopes of taking the fight to its rivals took something of a knock today after industry expert Richard Shin claimed that low-yield rates for the companies enlisted to produce iPad Mini displays could result in a substantial shock shortfall in the run-up to Christmas.

Writing in a blog post, Shim stated: “As is typical, we expect the iPads to be supply constrained initially, especially the iPad Mini with its $329 price. The new low price point is expected to appeal to a wider audience and drive up demand.

“However, panel supply chain indications point to an even more than typical tightness in the market for the iPad Mini.”

The iPad Mini, the very notion of which was once summarily dismissed by Steve Jobs, and a revamped 4G-capable version of the current-gen top-end iPad are set to hit retail November 2nd. Pre-orders are set to start on October 26th.



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