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  5. iPhone 5S: Ive rules out major iOS revamp in near future

iPhone 5S: Ive rules out major iOS revamp in near future

iPhone 5S: Ive rules out major iOS revamp in near future

Apple apostles holding out for a radical overhaul of the iPhone’s operating system with the next-generation handset shouldn’t get their hopes up, leaks from the tech giant’s Cupertino HQ suggest.

In recent weeks, the iOS operating system that powers the iPhone has come in for mounting criticism that its iconic, some would say unreasonably rigid, grids of icons are looking increasingly outmoded in a world where user interfaces are becoming more and more ‘alive’– a la Windows Phone and the latest version of HTC's Sense UI.

However, the chance of any major changes happening to iOS in the near term are slim, it has emerged.

According to sources who’ve discussed the matter with Apple developers, the new regime of Jonathan Ive, who added control of the look and feel of the phone's software to his hardware remit last year, is only making minimal adjustments to iOS.

That’s not to say that he isn’t putting his stamp on the UX at all. As is perhaps to be expected from the man for whom 'less is more' is the only philosophy worth adhering to, Ive purportedly opting for a “simpler” and “starker” look and feel to replace the cutesy, skeuomorphic approach favoured by former software-design head Scott Forstall.

Jony Ive and Scott Forstall

His leadership is also said to have seen hardware and software teams working closer together, ending a long-standing working culture that saw iOS devs unaware of the specifics of the devices that their software was set to run on.

Signs of Apple’s plans for the phone follow reports that the company’s next major edition of its software will pack a so-called killed feature - hopefully one that’s better executed than the disappointing Siri voice commands app and the error-strewn Apple Maps.


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