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  5. One Mini shortage piles pressure on HTC

One Mini shortage piles pressure on HTC

One Mini shortage piles pressure on HTC

HTC’s woes seem never-ending. With an expected operating loss for the current quarter, the Taiwanese mobile maker is now believed to be facing a shortage of its One Mini smartphone, thanks to ‘design difficulties’.

Insiders have spoken anonymously to Reuters about the problem, claiming there’s a lack of cases available for the handset, leaving customers waiting impatiently. To make it worse, HTC only expects to sell 200,000 of the devices every month.

htc one mini

It comes at a time when HTC has admitted that it’s struggling to compete in the increasingly Samsung and Apple-dominated smartphone space. The company’s last set of financial figures were dire and its imminent quarterly numbers for the summer are unlikely to offer any sort of improvement.

HTC has not commented on the One Mini shortage. It’s due to launch its One Max phablet in the next few weeks, with hopes that a larger device can save it in the run up to Christmas. However, with BlackBerry sold, surely it’s only a matter of time before HTC faces up to a similar, slimmed down future.

Source Reuters

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