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HTC One Max on Vodafone within days

HTC One Max on Vodafone within days

HTC’s newly unveiled One Max is heading exclusively to Vodafone, with the 6-inch phablet due to go on sale with the network later this week.

Punters keen on the capacious device will have to pay £49 upfront, before ponying up a hefty £47 a month for a Vodafone Red 4G plan. That does come with free Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile access though, each worth a tenner a month.

However, those not so keen on hooking-up with Vodafone do have another option. The HTC One Max can be picked up for £600 (!) SIM-free from That’s a significant wedge and one we imagine only hardcore HTC fans will be willing to pay.

The One Max was finally given its official unveiling earlier this week. Rocking a fingerprint scanner and the latest version of HTC Sense, it’s essentially a beefed-up version of the HTC One.



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