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Two Amazon smartphones prepped

Two Amazon smartphones prepped

Amazon is working on two smartphones, one of which could offer a 3D UI and eye-tracking skills. That’s according to TechCrunch, which has spoken with inside sources about the retailer's plans.

The 3D aspect of the phone will not comprise a special screen, but rather use four, front-facing cameras to track eye movements, allowing users to ‘see over the edge’ of the device. What you see on the screen will therefore vary depending on the angle from which you look at it.

Amazon is also said to be priming a special product recognition tool, which would let users scan images and buy whatever they’ve snapped directly from the online emporium.

As well as this top-end handset, now codenamed 'Smith', Amazon is also readying a budget phone. Believed to be running on the same Fire OS that keeps its Kindle Fire tablets kicking, this could be out before Christmas, according to sources.

That flies in the face of official denials about an Amazon smartphone release this year. The retailer said it had no such plans when a similar report emerged last month.

However, timescales are believed to have moved, with the possibility that Amazon wants to target the pre-Christmas market.



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