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iWatch production hits snag

iWatch production hits snag

Apple’s iWatch has apparently hit an early production snag, with Cupertino struggling to ensure that all models of the wearable device are of the same standard.

According to ‘upstream supply-chain sources’ speaking with Digitimes, Apple is having a hard time with the techno timepiece's metal injection-moulded chassis (MIM). This piece of kit allows tech companies to create specific shapes and designs without making devices flimsy.

However, yield rates for the iWatch are apparently running at lower than 50%, as Apple gets to grips with how to make its hugely hyped smart watch sturdy, yet slimline.

The same report claims that Qualcomm is suffering from similar problems with its Toq smart watch.

Sony is expected to reveal its new Smart Watch 3 at CES next week, with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 due at Mobile World Congress in February or possibly as early as this month. Apple is expected to let the competition settle, before launching the iWatch in October.

Source Digitimes

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