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iPad 2 to be discontinued

iPad 2 to be discontinued

Apple looks set to kill off the iPad 2, amid chatter that the Cupertino company is gradually winding down production of the three–year–old slate.

‘People familiar with Apple’s plans’ told Apple Insider that Tim Cook and co had decided it was time to bring an end to the trusty, older device.

It’s three years since the iPad 2 was first revealed. But it appears that strong sales of full–sized iPads with Retina Displays, as well as the resounding success of the iPad Mini, in its original and Retina forms, has done for the early 2011 iteration of the slate.

While Apple does not break down iPad sales, its decision to launch the iPad Mini with Retina Display at the same price point as the iPad 2 will surely have helped entice customers to the smaller, more up–to–date tablet.

The £329 iPad 2 is still available on Apple’s UK store, with a shipping time of just 24 hours. However according to Apple Insider's sources, it could be discontinued within mere weeks.


Apple Insider

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