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  5. Microsoft Surface 2 4G: five things you need to know

Microsoft Surface 2 4G: five things you need to know

Microsoft Surface 2 4G: five things you need to know

Microsoft’s new Surface 2 tablet, replete with snappy 4G tech, is coming to the UK.

The lightning fast tablet is due for release next month and comes laden with a string of top-end features to try and tempt you from heading to your local Apple store and snaffling an iPad instead.

Fancy one or just curious?

Get the full lowdown here, with five key things you need to know about Microsoft Surface 2 4G.

1 You can snag one from May 8th

microsoft surface 2 prop

Microsoft has confirmed that you’ll be able to lay your mitts on a Surface 2 4G from May 8th.

If you’re really desperate though, you can pre–order one now from the Microsoft Store.

Alternatively, Dixons and other mainstream high street tech stores will see you right come launch day.

You’ll need £539 in spare change in order to waltz home with one, so make sure you get saving now.

2 Windows RT 8.1 on board

windows 8.1 large

Microsoft is sticking with its Windows RT software, although here you’ll get the latest 8.1 version.

That means improved apps from the Windows Store and an easier to handle interface, with an always–there Start button.

Essentially, it makes this mobile version of Windows more like the desktop one.

A good thing if you’re used to how your PC works and don’t fancy getting to grips with an entirely new OS.

3 Productivity apps pre–loaded

windows office

The good news is that the Surface 2 4G comes pre–loaded with Microsoft Office Home and Student RT, plus access to Outlook.

The latter was missing on earlier versions of Windows RT, making this new slate a better bet for road warriors and those who love to send work missives at ungodly hours.

The productivity software doesn’t require an Office 365 to play nice (although you can buy a sub’ if you want one), which puts it ahead of the iPad version of the Big M’s work suite.

4 Top notch specs

tegra 4

The spec sheet is not too shabby either. There’s a sharp 10.6–inch hi–def display, not to mention a Tegra 4 processor from Nvidia to ensure things move along at super fast pace.

As the name suggests. there’s support for 4G too, although of course you’ll need to supply your own SIM card if you want to access the fastest networks. 64GB storage completes a very nifty package.

5 It comes with a host of extras

onedrive microsoft

Microsoft knows that it’s got a hard sell when the iPad and Android tablets provide cheaper alternatives.

So it’s chucking in a ton of extras to sweeten the deal. You get a year’s worth of free Skype calls to landlines in over 60 countries, a deal that’s not to be sniffed at.

There’s 200GB of free OneDrive storage for two years to boot and access to over two million Skype WiFi hotspots across the globe.

We reckon these make the Surface 2 4G well worth a second look.

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