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LG G Watch stars in new video

LG G Watch stars in new video

LG has teased more details of its forthcoming G Watch, one of the first devices to use Google’s recently revealed Android Wear operating system.

The clip is the first to show the device’s user interface in full effect, as well as serving up a far more detailed peep of the slick–looking metal design than we’ve seen before.

LG says that the timepiece will be ‘ready for anything, any time, on a single charge’. However, it doesn’t actually say how long the battery will keep kicking for.

Seeing as smartwatches have so far failed to last much more than 24 hours, the G Watch will surely need to offer a substantial boost in order to sell well.

In the past, LG has said the G Watch will be landing on shelves this summer. While the video does not say anything about a specific release date, it’s safe to assume this latest smartwatch will be in the wild well before Apple’s mooted iWatch, due this autumn.


The Verge

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