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iWatch to be unveiled October?

iWatch to be unveiled October?

Apple will leave a month between the unveiling of the next-gen iPhones and the big reveal for its first-ever sojourn into the world of wearable technology, leaks from industry sources suggest.

Last week, all the talk was of the tech giant showcasing the device informally known as the iWatch alongside the two forthcoming iterations of the iPhone 6 in September.

The rationale behind the move was that because the iWatch is a “companion device” for the iPhone, it makes scant sense to grant it a launch event of its own.

Today, that theory’s been thrown into doubt, though. According to insiders cited by Re/code's John Paczkowski, Apple has in fact scheduled a tentative date of October for the iWatch's unveiling, at a special press call in which the smartwatch/fitness band will take centre stage.

iwatch c render

That makes a semblance of sense to us. Not least because it would allow some of the mainstream media’s slavering around the iPhone 6 to die down and would mean the iWatch gets a window of its own in which to colonise publications’ tech news pages.

In revelations that ought to come as a surprise to no-one, the report also claims that wellbeing tracking will be front and centre on the iWatch, care of the Health app that debuted at WWDC earlier this month.

The quantified-self accessory is also purported to come in different iterations with price points to match and is expected to feature a curved, 1.5-inch screen.



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