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  5. Nokia Lumia 630: £90? Or £129? What’s going on with WP 8.1 smartphone’s price?

Nokia Lumia 630: £90? Or £129? What’s going on with WP 8.1 smartphone’s price?

Nokia Lumia 630: £90? Or £129? What’s going on with WP 8.1 smartphone’s price?

Nokia has moved to quell confusion over the price point of the Lumia 630, after the handset appeared on the manufacturer’s site at an asking price some £40 higher than it's selling for at some retailers.

Carphone Warehouse broke cover with pay-as-you-go pricing for the handset earlier this month. The retail giant is selling the Lumia 630 for £89.99, plus a £10 top-up to take the asking price to £99.99. That prompted tech sites to report a price of £90 or so for the phone itself.

O2 is also proferring the Lumia 630, which garnered impressive notices for the amount of smartphone you get for your money and is the first handset to run Windows Phone 8.1, for the contract-free price of £99.99, with the same £10 top-up to get you started.

However, head to Nokia’s site and if you buy the phone outright it’ll cost you £129. That’s a fairly substantial difference for a smartphone at this price and doesn’t include any airtime/credit.

We got in touch with Nokia/Microsoft to explain the disparity. Their spokesperson was keen to stress the fact that although a £90 price did loom large in post-launch pricing announcements, it should’ve been read as “price guidance” rather than something that was set-in-stone.

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Nokia stated: "Our long standing local launch price guidance is taken directly from the channel. In the case of the UK Lumia 630 the release read 'priced from....' as the indicated price was available as an offer of £99.95 less a £10 airtime rebate.

“Not all suppliers have advertised their pricing at this time and the handset is considerably less on contract.”

The last statement is certainly true. Shop around and you can pick up the Lumia 630 for £10 per month on a 24-month contract.

But we’re still a bit perplexed by the difference in the pay as you go price.

One thing we are sure of is that the Lumia 630 is a great budget phone. And that if you can pick it up for £90, it’d be a very good bit of business on your part.

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