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  5. iOS 8.0.2: The key problems with Apple’s latest update

iOS 8.0.2: The key problems with Apple’s latest update

iOS 8.0.2: The key problems with Apple’s latest update

It’d be kind to say that the first couple of updates to iOS 8 haven’t worked out well for Apple.

In fact, they’ve been a downright disaster.

Just days after the initial launch of iOS 8, the tech giant released iOS 8.0.1 in a bid to fix bugs and add functionality.

It then had to pull the software after 24 hours and show users how to roll back to the earlier version, after a series of critical flaws were revealed.

Now, iOS 8.0.2 seems to be causing all manner of problems.

Released last week, it’s already the subject of opprobrium across Apple’s official discussion boards and a series of tech sites.

So, before you decide to install it, here’s our précis of all the key glitches with iOS 8.0.2.

Proceed with caution (or just don’t bother updating at all).

1 Touch ID

touch id iphone 6

This is probably the biggest flaw that iOS 8.0.2 hasn’t addressed.

Touch ID is central to iPhone security, yet this update seems to have failed to fix problems that first arose in iOS 8.0.1.

Users across Apple’s discussion boards have complained that the feature simply does not work, meaning they are unable to use their fingerprint to unlock their devices or make secure payments for apps, books and music.

2 Bluetooth borked

iphone bluetooth car

Bluetooth is a key feature if you want to make hands-free calls while driving.

But iOS 8.0.2 users have said that they find they’re either unable to connect their phone to their car’s system or that when they do the connection drops.

Those who do manage make calls say that the person on the other end can’t hear them or vice versa.

3 Third-party keyboards killed off

ios 8 quicktype

iOS 8.0.1’s initial goal was to deal with a flaw that saw third-party keyboards booted in favour of Apple’s native pad.

That didn’t happen and now its successor has failed to help either.

Users complain that they install a different keyboard, only to find it defaults back to the Apple one when they go to fire off texts or send emails.

Seeing as this was supposed to be a major iOS 8 update, it’s fair to say that this is a major embarrassment for Apple.

4 No service

no service

Users are still claiming that they’re losing cellular service, with connections either non-existent or dropping regularly.

This seems to be an issue on iPads as well as iPhones, with one user on Apple’s discussion boards saying they had been forced to turn their iPad on and off constantly in order to get reception.

This problem appears to be widespread among iPhone owners too.

5 Wi–Fi drops out

wifi hotspots

Apple has reportedly told users that it is aware of Wi–Fi problems that see iPhones old and new lose their connection.

There are also stories of slow connections being the norm across iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and new iPhone 6 models.

Some say a workaround is to remove the device’s cover if it has one and change router settings.

That’s dandy. But it’s hardly in keeping with Apple’s ‘it just works’ philosophy.

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