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  5. iOS 8 adoption rates suggest teething problems are over

iOS 8 adoption rates suggest teething problems are over

iOS 8 adoption rates suggest teething problems are over

Apple’s confirmation that iOS 8 is now installed on 63% of iPhones, iPads and compatible iPods came just a week after news emerged of the serious struggles Google is having in boosting its own new mobile update.

Android Lollipop is on fewer than 0.1% of Android devices.

But beyond the obvious comparisons, Apple’s latest stats suggest that the teething problems on iOS 8’s release have been worked out.

There are far fewer reports of dropped Wi–Fi , excessive battery drain and lost Bluetooth connections, as those using iOS 7 finally decide to make the jump.

It seems the waiting time is over.

So, what lessons can Apple learn?

Apple store spiral staircase

The biggest is that no software update can ever be perfect, especially when you have millions upon millions of users to please.

There will always be issues, sometimes in the thousands, and in the age of the internet, those who shout loudest usually always set the agenda.

That said, next time around it’ll need to make sure that things are a whole lot more stable before trying to convince its entire user base to upgrade en masse.

The stability of iOS 8 at launch was below par and despite barely acknowledging the problems (bar pulling its first update for the platform), Apple will surely know this.

It cannot afford to make the same mistakes again as competition continues to hot up.

However, it can at least take some satisfaction from looking over the fence and seeing the struggles that Google is having with Android Lollipop.

Both rivals are still learning that this stuff isn’t easy and doesn’t get any easier.

iphone 6 review detail

Three months on from launch, it’s now safe to download iOS 8.

But there are still some big hurdles to clear. Will the next major upgrade, iOS 8.2, which features support for the Apple Watch, pass off without a hitch?

Apple can’t afford it not to, especially as the Watch is its biggest launch since the first iPad almost five years ago.

And what of the following update, presumed to come alongside the new iPad Pro?

Every update is greeted with trepidation and will continue to be until a everything is perfect. Which seems unlikely to ever happen.

ios 8 health app

33% of users are still packing iOS 7. That number will drop every month until it likely hits single figures next summer.

But by then the rumour mill will be whirring into action around the launch of iOS 9, and all these failings will once again be mulled over when Apple hits another crisis when that versions lands on devices.

The cycle never ends.

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