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Apple quarterly results: Five things you need to know

Apple quarterly results: Five things you need to know

Apple’s back with its quarterly results. And once again the Cupertino company is smashing records left, right and centre.

The latest numbers aren’t just big news in the tech world, they’ve reverberated around the globe and shown a company that is streets ahead of the competition.

But reading through details on diluted shares and net profits can be taxing, not to mention a tad dull.

So, here’s our breakdown of the big points from Apple’s latest announcement.

1 iPhone sales are higher than ever before

iphone 6 large side on

Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones between October to December.

To put that into perspective, Apple’s previous best was 51 million, recorded in the same period in 2013.

That represents a rise of 46% and shows just how much consumers clearly wanted a larger screen iPhone.

While Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, did not give a detailed breakdown of iPhone sales per model, he did say the iPhone 6 was the bestselling of the bunch.

When Apple admitted in court documents last year that its lack of a phablet meant that ‘consumers want what we don’t have’, it wasn’t lying.

Bigger iPhones have clearly driven Apple to new levels of success.

2 Its profits set a new world record

scrooge mcduck money

Apple pocketed a cool $18 billion (£12 billion) profit in the last three months.

That represents the largest quarterly profit in global corporate history. Apple is making more money than traditional cash cows such as oil and pharmaceuticals.

This is down not only to huge hardware sales but also the enduring popularity of its App Store.

Earlier this year, Apple revealed half a billion dollars was spent on apps on New Year’s Day alone.

3 But the iPad is struggling

ipad pro mock up

Amid all the cheering about iPhone sales and record profits, there is one rather sour note being sounded from Apple.

iPad sales continue to decline, in spite of the introduction of the iPad Air 2 and a new look iPad mini at the end of last year.

Apple sold 21 million iPads in the last quarter of 2014, a 21% drop from 26 million in 2013.

It appears that the growth of phablets, including its own iPhone 6 Plus, is eating into the tablet market at a faster rate than first thought.

4 The Apple Watch has a release date

apple watch sport white

Tim Cook revealed during the company’s conference call to discuss its results that the Apple Watch was ‘on course to ship in April’.

That’s the first time Apple has been specific about a release month for its long awaited smartwatch, first revealed alongside the new iPhones at the end of last year.

Until now, it had only said the device would be out in ‘early 2015’.

Cook’s news flies in the face of rumours which indicated that the timepiece would be on shelves at the start of March.

5 Android users jumping ship

android malare figurine

According to Cook, the current range of iPhones has seen a surge in switchers from Android.

The Apple boss reckoned that the number of people ditching Google backed phones for iPhones was at it highest rate in three years.

That goes alongside stats which Apple says show its enjoying the highest number of first-time iPhone users ever.

The latter fact is likely to be down to the iPhone 5C being sold at a knockdown price by countless networks.

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