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Apple Watch: 19 hours battery life is Cupertino’s aim

Apple Watch: 19 hours battery life is Cupertino’s aim

Apple is hoping its forthcoming Watch will be able to eke out 19 hours of power before needing to be recharged.

That’s the word from sources speaking with 9to5mac, who leaked the first details on exactly what we can expect from the Apple Watch’s battery.

The mooted 19-hour figure is thought to be the top end of what Apple believes its Watch can achieve and accounts for mixed usage.

The sources' estimate takes into account time spent actively looking at the watch and using its apps, as well as time when the device is sitting passively on a user’s wrist.

Perhaps tellingly, it also broadly conforms with Apple’s official confirmation that the device will need to be powered up overnight in order to get a full day’s use.

When it comes to active use only, Apple’s targets seems very low.

It’s expecting the watch to deliver two and half hours battery when used for ‘heavy’ applications such as games; three and a half hours for continuous standard app use; and around four hours of exercise when using the bundled fitness tools.

The latter suggests the Apple Watch will not be ideal for those running marathons.

Those low numbers, however, are offset by the fact that many users are unlikely to spend hours on end staring at their wrists as they do with their smartphones.

Battery life is thought to be the reason Apple pushed back the release of the Apple Watch until early 2015, when all the rumours suggested it would be on shelves by Christmas last year.

The smartwatch is expected to launch in March, according to recent reports.



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