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Apple Watch event set for March 9th

Apple Watch event set for March 9th

Apple has announced that it will hold an Apple Watch focused event on March 9th in San Francisco.

The California company has sent out invites to the gathering, which will take place at the city’s Yerba Buena Centre, kicking off at 6pm UK time.

The timing points to a big focus on the Apple Watch, as it comes a day after daylight saving time begins in the United States.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said last month that the company’s first wearable would be on shelves from April.

While he didn’t reveal any more details about the device, a series of well–sourced leaks have shown off just how the watch will tally with the iPhone.

The only things which remain unclear is the pricing structure and the device’s battery life.

The latter is expected to be no more than a day, while prices are expected to rise into the thousands for the most luxurious editions.

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