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iOS 8.2 set for March release

iOS 8.2 set for March release

iOS 8.2 will land on iPhones and iPads in March, ahead of the planned release of the Apple Watch in April. That’s the word from ‘a trusted source’, who spilled the beans to BGR.

Apple’s newest software includes WatchKit, the developer tools that will make its upcoming smartwatch dovetail with the iPhone.

While the insider doesn’t narrow down the timeframe, a March launch for iOS 8.2 could mean it’ll be on iPhones over a month before the Apple Watch hit shelves.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, last week said the company’s smartwatch will be released in April, but didn't say exactly when.

Reports have also claimed that Apple has asked major third parties to have their Apple Watch apps ready for the App Store by mid–February.

It all points to Apple having everything in place well before the Apple Watch goes on sale, perhaps to ensure any glitches are kept to a minimum, with users able to have their phones ready before they stump up for 2015’s most anticipated gadget.



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