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iOS 8 now on 72% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 8 now on 72% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 8 has been installed on 72% of compatible devices, according to official figures released by Apple on its App Store support pages.

The figure represents a 9% jump on December 2014, with growth thought to be down to the release of iOS 8.1.3 at the end of January.

The latest version of Apple’s OS has brought greater stability to the platform, which has come in for an uncommon amount of criticism.

iOS 7 is now found on 25% of iPhones and iPads, while older versions account for just 3%.

That suggests Apple has finally overcome the woes it suffered around iOS 8’s release, when users were reluctant to update after the software was found to cause dropped Wi–Fi and cellular connections, break Bluetooth tie–ups and, in some cases, cause devices to get stuck in a so–called boot loop.

It also comes just a day after it was revealed that Google’s latest version of Android, dubbed Lollipop, has made its way onto just 1.6% of the more than billion Android phones being used globally.

While the number of compatible handsets remains relatively small, the adoption rate will be cause for concern at Google, especially after Lollipop too was found to be extremely buggy on release.



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