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Apple Watch test drives: Everything you need to know

Apple Watch test drives: Everything you need to know

Want to try out an Apple Watch before you buy one? Well, you’re in luck.

Starting April 10th, Apple is letting consumers don the new smartwatch in its stores and get a feel for the device, despite the fact it doesn’t go on sale for another fortnight.

Sounds simple, right? Well, sadly it’s not quite as straightforward as rocking up on popping one on.

There are rules. Lots of them.

Step this way and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about trying out an Apple Watch and how to land one on launch day.

Don’t just show up

apple store queue

If you’re extremely lucky, you might just be able to turn up at your local Apple store and give the watch a whirl.

But seeing as there’s never such a thing as a quiet time at an Apple store, and that this is the company’s first new product line in five years, you’re going to need to be smart and book ahead.

Apple has yet to announce plans for booking appointments, but you should be able to do so via its official website, where there are already a string of official walkthrough videos.

Tell them which Apple Watch you want to try

apple watch big blue

It’s not simply a case of trying on a boatload of different variations.

It seems Apple is going to be strict about which watch you try. You’ll need to tell it whether you want the sport, stainless steel or gold ‘edition’.

It’s likely staff will have other models on hand for you to try out, but don’t count on it.

Numbers will be limited.

Time is limited

apple watch edition

When you do show up, don’t expect to be able to spend hours on end with the device.

Users buying the entry level Apple Watch Sport or the stainless steel Apple Watch will get just 15 minutes each to toy around with the wearable, affording them just about enough time to see how native and third-party apps work before they’re hurried away.

All that changes, of course, if you’re planning on buying the £8,000-plus Apple Watch Edition.

Then you’ll get a private viewing and up to an hour to see if you like the feel of the timepiece.

Make sure your make a reservation


Decided you want an Apple Watch? OK, fine. But remember that Apple will not let you just walk into its stores and buy one.

The company has announced that due to the wide number of combinations of finish and wristband, potential owners will have to pay and make a reservation online.

That is not set to change in the foreseeable future, meaning there’s no point being ‘that guy’ and starting to queue for the watch a week before it comes out.

There won’t be one waiting for you and you’ll have camped out in Covent Garden for no good reason.

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