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  5. Google Nexus 7 pulled from Play Store

Google Nexus 7 pulled from Play Store

Google Nexus 7 pulled from Play Store

Google has pulled the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet from its Play Store, apparently killing off a device that was widely heralded as being every bit as good as Apple’s iPad mini at launch.

Those looking to buy the device over the weekend from Google’s web outlet were told that the Nexus 7 is "no longer available to purchase".

The Big G is said to be pouring all its efforts into the more capacious Nexus 9 tablet. There’s no word on whether it is planning on launching a new version of its 7-inch slate.

The Nexus 7 (2013) still receives the very latest Google Android software before almost any other compatible device, even if its hardware has struggled with the latest iteration.

With tablet sales stagnating (even Apple can’t convince new users to stump up for a new iPad), it’s unlikely Google will make a new version of the tablet in the near future.

Its well regarded Nexus 6 smartphone is only a tiny bit smaller and has much more to offer users in 2015 than its ageing stablemate.

Those still keen, though, can find the Nexus 7 on Amazon.


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